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Choosing A Blogging Platform - Self-Hosted or Free-Hosted Blog | How to Start a Blog Series #7

When choosing a blogging platform, first you have to consider whether you want to pay
for hosting a blog or use a free hosting blogging platform.

Web Hosting Service.  Paying for web hosting means paying for a data server space in order for you to be able to store all of your blog’s digital data files that are associated with your blog contents which include all your blog posts’ data files, text documents files, photos and images files, music and audio files, video files, etc. Think of a data server being similar to your computer’s hard drive, being a virtual memory storage, with the capability to store your digital or computer files. The main difference between your computer’s hard drive and a remote data server is that your desktop or laptop computer’s hard drive memory is a private and standalone memory storage unless you have it connected to a network with file sharing capability. With all the private personal files stored in your computer hard drive, you can’t just let the world…
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Having A Domain Name For Your Blog | How to Start a Blog Series #6

Your Blog’s Domain Name Is Part Of Branding. When it comes to branding, you should try to be consistent in all avenues of your blog including your blog’s domain name. Having the right domain name for your blog is like having the right TV commercial for your product. In other words, domain name matters. It carries the reputation of your
company, business or organization. Domain name is just as important as your blog’s contents. Domain name is just as important as a company logo. It carries your brand and eventually it will become a part of your overall branding and will carry your business reputation as well.

Generic Domain Name and/or Blogspot URL Address.  There are cases that you can obtain a generic domain name for your blog therefore you don’t have to worry about registering a domain name and paying for the registration fee annually. A blog with a generic domain name usually indicates that you are currently using a free blogging platform like or and util…

Branding Your Blog And Other Online Platforms | How to Start a Blog Series #5

Niche Specific Blog Naming Convention. When naming your blog, I highly suggest that you think of a name that will suits well basing on the type of contents or articles that you will write and publish on your blog. For example, if you are planning to publish all about crafting, then you might want to think of a name that by just reading the brand name itself, people will be able to kind of tell that you have a crafting blog.

One benefit of doing this is that it will help some potential readers and blog visitors, when they read your brand name (as indicated in your domain name), be enticed to click on your URL link to check out your blog entries just because they are aware of themselves being interested in crafting and they figured your blog niche basing on your brand name / domain name.

One thing can lead to another. A potential blog reader reading your branding somewhere, got interested and ended up in your blog because of it, and later becomes a loyal follower. Your Name As The Brand…

Blog Money-Making Opportunity Warning And Heads Up | How to Start a Blog Series #4

As you indulge yourself in the blogosphere (the world of blogging) you might start to uncover different ways and opportunities that you can possibly monetize your blog.
Really, there are bloggers that do make money with their blogs!

It is not unethical to think and consider about monetizing your blog at all. We all have bills to pay and we all somehow have to find means to pay them. Blogging takes a lot of your time and energy, it is reasonable that you may consider finding a way to monetize your blog somehow in order to keep going with this time-consuming hobby or activity.

Blogging these days is definitely growing and becoming more and more popular, not only to people who like to write personal informal documentation of their day to day living and experiences, but as well as for several different companies and businesses that embrace this effective online platform, blogging, that allows them to reach out to more potential customers and audience.

Blogging has definitely reached new …

What To Blog About - Finding A Blog Niche | How to Start a Blog Series #3

One of the most common challenge that many bloggers face today is what to blog about.
So if you are one of those who are struggling to find the right niche to blog about, keep

Finding the right niche or topic for a blog always seems to be the first hurdle that many
people struggle to decide when they create a blog. But it is an important process because
you need to be able to visualize ahead of time where your blog is going in the future. You
need to see the bigger picture so that you can slowly put the pieces together, one blog post
at a time. By doing this, you are building a strong foundation for your niche-specific blog.
By having a clear vision of what your blog is all about and how you see your blog in the
future, you can then start mapping out your plans early and act on those plans diligently in
order to progress towards those goals and reach the level of success that you envisioned
for your blog.

Part of mapping out your blog plans is coming up with blog post ideas.…

Blog Maintenance Overview - Do You Have What It Takes? How to Start a Blog Series #2

Let me ask you this, before you jump into a swimming pool, wouldn’t you prefer to know
the temperature of the water first? You will never know the temperature of the water just
by looking at the inviting sparkly crystal blue water.

Same goes with blogging! It is definitely wise to know in advance what it takes to
maintain a blog. Are you really up for it? Are you really willing to do this? These are
things you need to assess beforehand, before you spend anymore of your precious time
because as you go deeper and deeper into blogging, it’s only going to take more and more
of your time and suck in a lot of your ideas.

If you are planning to operate a blog, you need to assess yourself, preferably in the
beginning of the process, to know if you have what it takes to do this long term. Since
there are so many moving pieces when it comes to blogging successfully and have your
blog thrive for a long time. It is important to know what it takes to keep your blog going
so that you will be able …

Introduction to What Is Blogging? How to Start a Blog Series #1

Reading to learn how to write a blog series? Keep reading to get the tips you’re looking for to keeping your readers coming back again and again.

A blog post series is great to draw your readers into your blog in a deeper way, increase pageviews, and have space to delve deeply into a topic without overwhelming people. It is also a fantastic way to plan content ahead of time. Whether you have run blog post series in the past, or are just starting to think about one, we are going to teach you how to write a blog series that is successful.
Blogging Then.  During its early stage, blogging used to be a means to write an informal journal or diary in order to chronicle a blogger’s day to day personal activities, to document personal experiences and be able to share these updates online mostly with family and friends.

A blog is a convenient way to keep family and friends, especially those who live far away, updated with what is going on in a blog…